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亚博app注册-【德比老照片】舍甫琴科一剑封喉 欧冠半决赛对决浓缩了一个时代

In the 1990s, Serie A was at the peak of the Little World Cup era. The top giants and superstars gathered, and the second-tier powerhouses were also talented, creating legends in the treacherous situation. At that time, the Serie A team could almost reserve a place in the Champions League final, and the UEFA Cup seemed to be in the bag. In the eyes of the older generation of fans, the Little World Cup was a microcosm of an era and a symbol of infinite feelings.


However, due to the fact that the Champions League has only expanded significantly at the turn of the century, the only time the Serie A civil war was staged in the final was in the 2002/03 season, when the Apennines' top three in the North gathered in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, the Milan duo performed a classic derby series, and this game was called "the most important Milan derby in history". As a result, Milan relied on Shevchenko's "away goal" to eliminate Inter Milan, writing another classic in the history of the Champions League.


Although the 2002/03 season was the highest season for the Serie A in the Champions League, the promotion of the Milan duo was not smooth. After passing through the two-stage group stage, Milan encountered Ajax's tenacious ancestral home and did not rely on it until the last moment. The lore went from hell to heaven; Inter Milan and the pinnacle Valencia kicked a spear and shield contest, "San Toldo" single-handedly eliminated the bat army. That is not the most prosperous Milan duo, the two teams in the semi-finals strategy is more careful.


As we all know, Milan and Inter Milan share the same stadium, which makes the home and away series very delicate. Although the two teams played two games in San Siro/Meazza, they also set up the home and away games-in the end. It is this setting that has influenced the history of the Champions League.


In the first round at Milan's "home" San Siro, the two sides were evenly matched and the scene was extremely hot. The score was finally fixed at 0-0, which made the second round of the decisive battle very important, and the contradictions and oppositions in the first round continued. In stoppage time in the first half, Seedorf turned and got rid of the frontcourt and passed his right foot straight to the left of the penalty area. Cordova's defense was in place to block Shevchenko's shot angle, but Sheva dunked with his left foot and the ball happened to pass from Cole. Dowa crossed under the crotch, and the Ukrainian nuclear warhead strafed with his right foot 7 meters in front of the goal when his body was out of balance, and the ball entered the upper left corner of the goal.


The score became 1 to 0, and the situation became extremely serious for Inter Milan, because Milan held an "away goal" and they had to score two goals in a row to reverse the promotion. The Nerazzurri chose not to abandon or give up, but did not see hope until the 84th minute-Costacuta made a volley and made a mistake. Martini and Martins were at the front of the penalty zone to fight for the landing at the same time, the ball hit behind Martins Back, the latter quickly turned around to get rid of Maldini and pushed his left foot 10 meters away from the left side of the penalty area to score at the close corner. At the end of the game, Caron even had a single chance to complete the reversal, but Abbiati used his leg to magically block the ball.

进球变成1比0,对于国际米兰来说情况变得尤为严重,因为米兰举行了“客场进球”,而且他们不得不连续得分两个进球才能使升职逆转。 Nerazzurri选择不放弃也不放弃,但是直到第84分钟,Costacuta凌空抽射并犯了一个错误,才看到希望。马蒂尼(Martini)和马丁斯(Martins)在禁区前部同时为着陆而战,皮球击中了马丁斯(Martins)后方,后者迅速转身摆脱马尔蒂尼(Maldini),并将左脚推离左侧10米在禁区角得分的得分。在比赛结束时,Caron甚至只有一次完成逆转的机会,但是Abbiati用他的腿魔术地将球挡住。

Two draws, with a total score of 1 to 1, Milan entered Old Trafford with a golden "away goal" from a Ukrainian nuclear warhead, and defeated Juventus to the top of Europe after 120 minutes of fierce and penalty shootout. Inter Milan failed to repeat the glory of the Grand International era, Milan entered another golden age. 40 years after the old Maldini won the Champions League trophy as Milan captain, Paul Maldini also wore an armband to hold the Big Ear Cup , Such a story is unprecedented in the history of the Champions League.

米兰以2比1的总比分战平乌克兰,以乌克兰人的核弹头的金色“离开目标”进入老特拉福德,并在120分钟的激烈和点球大战中击败尤文图斯升至欧洲之巅。国际米兰未能重现国际大时代的辉煌,米兰进入了另一个黄金时代。在老马尔蒂尼(Maldini)作为米兰队长赢得冠军联赛奖杯40年之后,保罗·马尔迪尼(Paul Maldini)也戴着臂章举行了“大耳朵杯”(Big Ear Cup),这样的故事在冠军联赛的历史上是前所未有的。

The magical "away goal", Shevchenko's passionate celebration, the collision of red and blue fate, the interweaving of joy and sorrow, the duo of Milan jointly create a classic that has a history, and in the future, there will be even more popular stories, etc. As they told in the Champions League...


(South Stand)


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