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  Original Rookie Jun UTAM

原版菜鸟Jun UTAM

   Vaccaro, who was then Nike’s marketing director in 1984, did an extremely crazy thing.


   He signed Michael Jordan with all of Nike's athlete budget (a total of 500,000 US dollars), and this signing has now become a legend in the marketing world.


   In 2003, James rejected Reebok's tens of millions of dollars of cheque, and finally signed a seven-year $87 million contract with Nike; this is also the largest rookie shoe endorsement contract in history.


   In 2019, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, NB, Puma, Anta and Li Ning have all come up with sky-high prices, and they are fighting against each other to sign the genius champion Zion.

在2019年,耐克,阿迪达斯,Under Armour,NB,彪马,安踏和李宁都提出了天价的价格,他们相互竞争以签下天才冠军锡安。

   Finally, Zion accepted a five-year US$75 million from AJ. After learning about this, Vaccaro's appreciation for Zion is self-evident.


   79-year-old Vaccaro commented on the signing of Zion:


   "I think this is the biggest bidding war I have seen in my lifetime. Zion makes me feel like it was in 1984. I'm serious."


   After signing with Zion, CEO Mark Parker talked about whether Zion will make signature sneakers in the future.

与锡安(Zion)签约后,首席执行官马克·帕克(Mark Parker)谈到了锡安(Zion)将来是否会生产签名运动鞋。

   "We have been in contact with Zion, we are working hard together for the production of new shoes, and I am excited about what is coming."


   It was revealed some time ago that the Jordan Z Code, a personal signature shoe from Zion, will be unveiled in the first half of next year, priced at $130.

不久前有消息称,Zion的个人签名鞋Jordan Z Code将于明年上半年亮相,售价为130美元。

   The track of historical development has made the contrast between Zion and James in the commercial touch section begin to form!


   Although it is not named after his own name, it is recognized that Nike Air Zoom Generation is the first pair of personal signature shoes of James.

尽管没有以自己的名字命名,但人们公认Nike Air Zoom Generation是James的第一双个人签名鞋。

   Compared with the superstars of the league at that time, Carter, who owned the Shox series, and Kobe, who was in the era of casual shoes, were not as good as James in sneaker endorsements.


   Zion's rookie season, although the treatment is not as good as James, but an NBA game before playing as the main spokesperson of AJ34, it is enough to show that the Jordan brand attaches great importance to Zion!


   Therefore, as soon as the news of Jordan Z Code's release next year came out, speculations abounded.

因此,明年Jordan Z Code发布的消息一出,就有很多猜测。

   The first concept picture that broke out, many friends should be able to see that it is a combined design of AJ28+AJ31+AJ34, and the reference value is not great.

第一次出现的概念图,很多朋友应该可以看到它是AJ28 + AJ31 + AJ34的组合设计,参考价值不是很大。

After   , the design drawings of the shoes that broke out, although there are many design references for the shoes that are already on the market, the unique design style is gradually revealed.


   For Zion’s personal signature shoes, the protection requirements must be very high.


   once stepped on PG2.5 badly, the average strength of sneakers is estimated to be difficult to carry Zion's wear.


   In fact, Mr. Rookie is very looking forward to Zion’s signature shoes, which can be referenced by the LeBron 18 just released.

实际上,新秀先生非常期待锡安(Zion)的签名鞋,刚刚发布的LeBron 18可以引用它。

   designer Jason. Petrie designed the 18th generation of James' personal signature basketball shoes based on the "half and half" concept of palm speed and back palm power.

设计师杰森。 Petrie基于“半掌半掌”速度和后掌力量的概念,设计了詹姆斯第18代个人签名篮球鞋。

  The upper adopts the new Positeknit 2.0 fabric. This new woven material is made by combining LeBron 15's Battleknit three-dimensional weaving technology, LeBron 16's high tenacity yarn, and LeBron 17's woven exoskeleton TPU yarn.

鞋面采用新型Positeknit 2.0面料。这种新的机织材料是结合LeBron 15的Battleknit三维编织技术,LeBron 16的高韧性纱线和LeBron 17的外骨骼TPU编织纱线制成的。

  Max Air air cushion shoe tongue, the midsole adopts a full palm Zoom + rear palm Max air cushion combination, and for the first time, the Zoom air cushion extending to the back palm replaces the traditional midsole foam design.

Max Air气垫鞋舌,中底采用全掌Zoom +后掌Max气垫组合,并且首次将Zoom气垫延伸到后掌,取代了传统的中底泡沫设计。

   The air cushion combination in the midsole realizes the seamless connection between the Zoom air cushion and the Max air cushion for the first time. The innovative use of technology is designed to bring a surging foot experience to sneakers.


  The special Chinese color scheme of the "Forbidden Heavy Object" inspired by the jade seal has occupied a high degree of topic recently.


  Yellow tassels with red beads printed with the James Crown Logo, coupled with the old Beijing words on the tongue, the identity is very obvious.


   Zion, who is completely healthy next season, must truly fulfill his talent! This talented 20-year-old boy is enough to make us think more!


   It’s not yet time for Zion’s personal signature shoes Jordan Z Code to be exposed, but Zion will definitely put on these shoes in advance before the April release next season!

锡安的个性签名鞋Jordan Z Code尚未公开,但锡安肯定会在下个季节的4月发布前提前穿上这些鞋!

   have a daydream, look forward to it! Just as we expect Zion to fulfill its talent, I believe Jordan Z Code will not let us down!

做白日梦,期待它!正如我们期望锡安(Zion)发挥其才能一样,我相信Jordan Z Code不会让我们失望!